Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before placing an order, if you have other questions, please just send it to ansenn@fallon-fj.com.
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Placing an order

How to place an order?
Contact us, FJ Fallon Jewelry colleagues are glad to help and assist you to place an order:
Details of cooperation
We will first confirm information of business cooperation, for example: the market, products preference, prices, and so on.
Catalogs of products
FJ Fallon Jewelry manufactures numerous products ranging in different types. Our colleague will sort them into an excel or pdf file, where you can check our products more efficiently. Please select products from our catalogs of products in wholesale prices.
Find you interested design
If you want to see larger image or more designs of FJ Fallon Products, please also visit our website and explore more designs, and tell us the SKUs of the products.
At last, if you can not find anything that interests you, please tell us directly what you need. We accept customization.
What kind of payment method is accepted?
Fallon makes ordering easy and comfortable. We accept many easy and secure payment methods so you can pick the one that works best for you:
Domestic (Inside China Mainland):
WeChat, Alipay, and Bank transfer.
Paypal, Western Union , Bank transfer. (Please contact us for the details.)
You may choose to send us money as deposit, next time when you make an order or purchase, your deposit can be directly used as payment method, that reduces the time you need to wait for your goods.
How is the Delivery and Shipping?
Shipping Cost:
This depends on the amount of the goods selected and which shipping method you chosen or offered by us. All details of shipping costs will be calculated and sent to you in a file. Please notice Fallon does not take profit from a shipping cost.
Delivery time
As a reference, you check the following table for more information:
[3 to 5 Days]: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT
[7 to 15 Days]: EMS, HongKong Post, Singapore Post
[15 to 30 Days]: China Post Air Mail.
The cost and time changes according to the actual circumstances. Please contact us for more shipping methods and details.

Before placing an order

How to trust FJ Fallon Jewelry?
Fallon offers a nice wholesaling prices to wholesalers. We are desired to start a long and steady business relationship or cooperation, because we have the top-quality products. We offer more services to give you more confidence before you placing the first order.
Can I get a sample?
We do offer some samples or demo products at a small amount as our sincerity, which is a nice way of testing our quality of plating and make you feel reliable, choose one way out of these three options below:
• Pick a sample by yourself and pay the sample cost for it, it will be shipped to you for free.
• We offer a sample to you, and you pay the shipping cost. (Depend on your region)
• We offer a sample to you totally for free, but the delivery time could be longer.
Can I customize my own design?
Of course, FJ Fallon Jewelry is a workshop and factory, we manufacturer our own Jewelry products.
Offer us the products with your needs you want to customize, we will satisfy your wishes. But please notice we do not make counterfeits replica of other brands. Our customization services include:
Generally, Fallon products always come with a Fallon logo, if you don't want a logo on them or you need a logo of stamping of your own, we can customize them for you. In that case, you need to place an order.
Fallon recognizes the importance of the packaging represented to customers. Therefore, we offer different styles of packaging, simpler, or more luxurious, of course the prices are different.
Exchange or Return
Fallon focus on the quality of our products and aims to build a long-term and steady business relationship with every customer.
Therefore we offer exchange or return services for the following cases:
• Quality reason
• Unexpected quality issue happen on Fallon products.
• Wrong products
• Accidentally placed products not matching the order.
But we do not accept return or exchange goods for no reason or artificial damage caused by abnormal use

Product Informaiton and Prices

What is the metal type?
Brass or copper. Fallon specializes on the gold-plated brass jewelry, making fashion jewelry perform like the real Karat Gold Jewelry. But if you need other material like 925 silver jewelry, please contact us for more information.
Can allergic people wear Fallon product?
Our product has past the eco-friend test with a certificate, Fallon Jewelry products will not cause any skin irritation or allergic reaction. Fallon never use any harmful material while plating, we are responsible for customers' health - that should not be the price of beauty.
Which kind of plating colors do you have?
Fallon specializes in 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold (Red Gold 585), White Gold, and the two tone colors (bicolor). But the colors from Fallon can be a little bit different from outside as we create our own unique color, if you come and try them, you will see how beautiful they are and you won't find them anywhere else but in Fallon.And of course, if you want to customize your our plating color, please contact us and place an order with us, we will make the best color that fits your requirement.
Which type of products do you offer?
The best selling products of Fallon are definitely our chain necklaces, as we have our own technique of coating, they barely fade or tarnish. After that we also offer earrings, rings, pendant and bracelets. They are all nice selling products, to learn more information, please view our collection site and our blog, and of course, contact us.
How are the prices set in Fallon?
Fallon is a jewelry workshop that produces its own jewelry at the top quality. (Prices on the website are for retail but not for wholesaling.) So the prices can be controlled at a fairly acceptable level. You might find something cheaper than Fallon products, but the quality can not be the same. We specializes on the best products but not competing prices. Welcome to test the samples taken from us and you will find surprises.

Learn About FJ Fallon Jewelry

Will FJ Fallon Products tarnish?
In the industry, Fallon is creative enough to make our gold plated products resist to tarnishing for very long time, our colors include 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold 585 and our unique white gold. Every customer favor our colors, as they can find anything similar outside Fallon.
How can I know If your company is real?
We are an experienced ODM/OEM jewelry manufacturer, we can show you any products (if in stock) at real time at the scene when we are back to work. Currently Fallon sells both online and physical store. Contact us and find our addresses from the CONTACT US page.
How to collaborate with FJ Fallon?
Fallon has been able to expand to many countries around the world and satisfy many preferences, because we only make the products with the best quality for years. Fallon designers constantly strive to new designs. You can find an impressive array of styles on our website intended to satisfy all possible tastes. Fallon welcomes any wholesalers who demand a vast amount of jewelry products, the higher the amount is, the better discount will be. Please contact us for more information.

Website of Fallon

How to make full use of the site?
The site is on for 24 hours so you can view it at any time;
You can see the pictures of the products at the top quality;
You can find all regulations of a product, for example different widths of a chain as well as different colors of stones of a ring or earrings.
Can I select products from the site?
Yes of course. Add the products into the cart, where you can see the SKUs of them, and please kindly send them to us so we can know what interests you.
Out Of Stock
The stock is always changing, please shop any items you like when they are still in stock. If that happens, you may place an order with us, tell us the amount and the requirements.
I find something I like, but not prepare to buy them.
You can view Fallon website with an account, you may like and save your favourite Fallon products so that you can place your order easier next time, and you may know if we have any new products. Signing up with a Fallon account is very easy and it takes less than a minute.