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FJ Fallon Jewelry is a professional jewelry enterprise integrating jewelry design, production and marketing from Guangzhou, China. We specialize in Gold-plated copper jewelry and develop the unique plating technique over the past decades, making jewelry products tarnish free and harmless - they never contain harmful material. Our products include chains, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, bracelets, etc. Since establishment, our products are favored by the customers all over the world.

No discoloration or skin irritation – Harmless and Eco-friendly

Reliable Quality, and we care about your health.
FJ Fallon Jewelry developed its own plating technique, making the best quality plating that make the color barely fade or tarnish.
Products from FJ Fallon can retain their shiny colors without tarnishing for a very long time, that includes 14K Yellow Gold, 585 Red Gold products and more.
We are responsible for our customers, hence we never use any harmful materials like nickel, Cd, Hg, or Pb. Therefore, FJ Fallon Jewelry will not cause any skin irritation or allergic reaction.

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Wholesale Business Cooperation

Wholesalers are warmly welcomed.
FJ Fallon offers high-quality jewelry at wholesale prices to businesses worldwide. Find classic and contemporary designs with exceptional customer service. Contact us to start growing your business today. Our products will contribute greatly to your market and business.

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